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"The TRUTH is coming out in the Baltimore bridge collapse" General Mike Flynn - 627,183 views

BLACK SWAN SEASON: Prepare for an explosion of domestic sabotage ops targeting critical infrastructure - 7,922 views 3.28.24

Baltimore bridge attack NO ACCIDENT - cyber-enabled sabotage warfare to target critical infrastructure across the USA - 27.040 views 3.27.24

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Exposed as 'Strategic Attack' - March 28, 2024

10 other ships stuck in Port of Baltimore - 3.28.24

Baltimore bridge disaster: NTSB chair says some hazmat containers were breached - March 27, 2024

'Mass Casualty Event': 1.6 Mile Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Being Struck by Cargo Ship - 26 Mar 2024

A "Black Swan Event" - General Flynn Raises Questions About Baltimore Bridge Collapse - Mar 27, 2024

How the Key Bridge collapse will disrupt the supply of cars, coal and tofu

Lara Logan: Bridge collapse called 'absolutely brilliant strategic attack' - March 26, 2024

Baltimore bridge attack NO ACCIDENT - cyber-enabled sabotage warfare to target critical infrastructure across the USA
14,185 views 3.27.24

Norfolk Southern Alone Responsible for Cleanup Costs of Ohio Derailment, Judge Says - 3.8.24

US averages 3 train derailments per day, according to federal data

Train Carrying Toxic Materials Derails in West Virginia - February 13, 2024

Cleanup underway after train derails in fiery crash near Rockwood, injuring three Rockwood, Maine - April 11, 2023

04-16-2023 Chico, TX - Head on train collision causes major injuries to multiple people -- 1,604 views - Apr 16, 2023

Train Carrying Toxic Chemical Derails in Maine, Locals Warned to 'Stay Clear' - April 16, 2023

Fractured rail found after fiery Minnesota derailment - By JOSH FUNK - April 18, 2023

Train Derails In North Dakota, Spills Toxic Materials: REPORT - March 27, 2023

Texas: Vinyl chloride in East Palestine train derailment was bound for South Jersey facility - Jim Walsh - Appril 18, 2023

Fuel and oil are still leaking into water and soil near train derailment in rural Maine - by Lori Valigra - April 18, 2023

A Train Derailed in East Palestine, Ohio; Why did that Happen? - 166,650 views - Feb 23, 2023

Fire chief: 'Absolute miracle' crew escaped burning, derailed train in Maine - Terry Stackhouse - April 17, 2023

Top 5 Train Crashes And Derailments Caught On Camera! - 26,208 views - Mar 16, 2022

Ohio train derailment

How many train derailments have there been in the US in 2023? Rail freight industry under scrutiny after ecological disaster struck East Palestine, Ohio - Joe Sommerlad - 06 March 2023

What causes train derailments? On Behalf of Hofeld and Schaffner - Apr 27, 2020

Manufacturer says cars in train derailment did not have loose wheels - Story by Ian Duncan

Norfolk Southern CEO to testify before Ohio Senate panel on toxic train derailment - Story by A.L. Lee - April 18, 2023

Train derailment in Raymond detailed in NTSB preliminary report - Nick Longworth - April 18, 2023

Why tracking these pollution indicators is key after the East Palestine train derailment - Nation Updated - Apr 19, 2023

BNSF to analyze fractured rail and determine if it caused last month's Raymond train derailment - Story by Mark Freie - 4.18.2023

The Latest Train Derailment Started a Forest Fire, Rockwood, Maine - Story by Collin Woodard - April 13, 2023

Rep. Terri Sewell calling for investigation into train derailments, blockages - Story by Lauren Harksen - April 16, 2023

PNR repairs rails round the clock but derailed train has yet to be removed - Story by GMA Integrated News

Pittsburgh scientists answer questions on East Palestine derailment - Jason Phox - March 15, 2023

PNR train derailed; 400 passengers, crew unhurt (derailed in Makati, Philippines) - Story by Mark Ernest Villeza - 4.18.2023

Why train derailments involving hazardous chemicals keep happening In the wake of East Palestine, another train has derailed and caught fire in Minnesota. - Mar 30, 2023,

Three disastrous train derailments in two days spark renewed calls for reform - Story by Kaitlyn Kennedy - Mar 17, 2023
In another train derailment, 31 Union Pacific cars carrying coal derail in Nebraska, company says - Story by Orlando Mayorquin,- Feb 22, 2023

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